Outtakes: ISB headshots

Back in August, I did a marathon headshot session at the Institute for Systems Biology here in Seattle (which also happens to be my dayjob, four days a week). It was a hustle -- for me, at least -- as we had people booked in five minute increments for close to ninety minutes.

Thanks to a few no shows (and a few pros, who knew we had supermodels working among our ranks?!), I was able to deliver a fair amount of frames per person -- one of which was always this not-quite-centered shot, a little off-angle and full of personality. I doubt these images made the final cut on the client end, but they're definitely some of my favorites from the afternoon:

Thanks to Hsiao-Ching Chou for suggesting me when the job came up, and to Allison Kudla for her exemplary planning, coordination, and line-wrangling skills!