Pacific Science Center stock photoshoot

I recently had the good fortune to connect with the wonderful people at the Pacific Science Center, who were looking for someone to shoot some new stock photography for their art department. The first of two setups, this day was structured around adults enjoying the Center, with and without the accompaniment of kids. The models and I generated a ton of great images -- here are just a few of my favorites!

Rover shoot: Alicia

Another weekend, another Rover shoot! I met up with Alicia and Obie for a quick tour of her home and neighborhood, and we snagged a handful of images for her online profile.

Any pup would be lucky to have her as a host!

Evie's first birthday!

Gosh, this little one is growing fast!! I was looking back at Evie's nine-month photoshoot and she's already noticeably bigger than she was then. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from her picture-perfect first birthday party last weekend -- as Jana said, you only have a first birthday once! Lots of kids, lots of presents, lots of pretty touches and lots of smiles.

Personal: hometown tourism

What do you do when your father-in-law comes to visit? You take lots of long drives, eat sushi (twice), cross your fingers for nice weather + a ferry ride -- preferably both in the same day -- and conquer at least one museum. 

It's always nice when guests come in from out of town, suddenly time slows down a little bit and a cruise up Whidbey Island seems like the best idea ever. We did all of the above, had warm chats by the fire, went out to breakfast every morning, and soaked up the good company that only family can bring.

I wasn't around for the airport send-off, but suffice it to say that Richard got back to Wyoming safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing him + the rest of the family this summer for a wedding -- Idaho, here we come!