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mass flickr update :: catching up with may

Click on the photos to see the full sets. Sorry for the delay, y'all. I've been packing.

The first of two sweet, perfect nights with the Cave Singers and the Fleet Foxes. Truth? It was the first time I'd seen the Fleet Foxes live, and those boys were absolutely... I think 'cathedral' is the word we came up with. Shots and such, outside of flickr, are up on the imaginary site here.

Next up: Swoonfest 2011, courtesy of a night with Nathaniel Rateliff and Jessica Lea Mayfield. Nathaniel's set was nothing short of enrapturing, and we spent the better part of Jessica's portion of the show discussing broken hearts and tattoo ideas in the dim glow of the merch table. See also: new favorite t-shirt. Full coverage on TIG here.

What's better than hanging out at the station with Greg Vandy? Hanging out at the station with Greg Vandy after he's had a killer show and doing some promo shots for a feature he produced about quasi-genius Frank Fairfield (below). You can keep up with news about the short Frank Fairfield over at Greg's site, American Standard Time.

And, the man himself. Frank Fairfield, fresh off a KEXP in-studio and taking the stage in an opening slot at the Tractor. Click the photo to get to the whole set.

So, basically, a lot of my friends are out-and-out geniuses. Including (but not limited to) the fine folks at Seattle Show Posters / Row Boat Press fame, who opened up a brick-and-mortar design / print / awesomeness shop in Frellard. Killorn + Rick = my endless love and a big ol' crafting boner.

What's that, inbox? You have an invite from the bad-assers over at Barsuk to come in and be part of the in-studio audience for a live webcast? Don't mind if we do. Full story in the TIG-o-sphere here.

So that's about all she wrote for may. Tons of shooting, the pre-move pre-pack purge, and even a little sunshine now and then to seal the deal. As always, more to follow as soon as I have a chance to post!

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