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Yes, I'm serious.

Last Wednesday was an absolute blast, one of those nights that re-cemented exactly why I live here and why I love Seattle so very, very much. (You know, like I needed a reminder or something.) At the end of the night, it was simply some good people coming together to lend a hand for some like-minded folks -- in this case, a PR shoot for our pals over at Seattle Show Posters and their upcoming ad campaign -- with nothing but the promise of some free design work and the potential for some great photos.

All that love + a few of our favorite band members + good ideas + sunset = whoa.

It's a pleasure and a privilege to have my name on something like this, and while I did put a considerable amount of work into the shoot, I can hardly take credit for the magic behind the shots themselves -- only for managing to capture a fraction of it.

Huge, huge thank-yous and big kisses to John Roderick, Rachel Flotard, the Head and the Heart camp, the Imaginaries, Brent Amaker & Co., Kiku, and Killorn & Rick for asking me to participate. (And of course, big love to KEXP for letting us use their parking lot. The big blank space and magic-hour sunset light made for the perfect canvas.)

Keep an eye out for the ad -- and all of us, be it visiting, working, or playing -- at Bumbershoot on Labor Day Weekend. Love you / mean it. xo

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